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What is your ethnicity?

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How often do you socialize with people outside your ethnic background?

How would you describe your interest in multicultural events?

Which one of these Unieros multicultural events suits your style?

How often would you be available to attend a Unieros Event?

How much do you expect to pay for a special event that exposes you to an ethnic culture?

What days and times best for you to attend a Unieros event?

What do you think of concept to connect you to people outside your culture?

Would you consider sharing your culture by becoming an event host?

Perks and rewards available

How likely is it that you would attend a Unieros multicultural event with your friends and colleagues?

One more thing...besides word of mouth, how do you normally find out about social activities?

Thank you! We will send you an invitation to our upcoming multicultural event.

One Love.
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